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April 10, 2024

Dive into DropMate: Unlocking the secrets of this exciting project in this detailed spec rundown.


Over $1.3 billion dropped in airdrops in 2023, and the party's not over! 2024's Q1 and Q2 are bursting with exciting airdrop opportunities, but who has the time to chase them all? Introducing DropMate!

👀 Problem

People are tired of missing out on lucrative airdrops because of time constraints and the efforts needed to farm.

🦾 Solution

DropMate simplifies airdrop hunting, letting you automate your entire airdrop farming journey and claim tokens from promising projects across DeFi, NFTs, and gaming effortlessly! Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to passive crypto gains.

🏆 Incentives

Airdrop influencer revolution is here! DropMate flips the script, giving influencers & curators a direct stake in their audience's success. It's a win-win for everyone – and a game-changer for airdrop discovery and monetisation.

You can subscribe to any drop that's listed on DropMate and win drop points in addition to being eligible for the drop.

🛫 Product Demo

⚡️Single click onboarding

Create your self-custodial DropMate airdrop wallet at the click of a button

✔️ Take a pick

Choose from a wide variety of airdrops listed on DropMate.

🚀 Start auto-farming

Check out the drop score of different projects and start participating in the airdrop on autopilot.

👀 Optional quests

Take your pick whether you’d like to skip optional quests or not.

✨ Referrals

Earn 50% commission by referring DropMate in your circle and get a portion of their airdrops for eternity.

Ready to ride the airdrop wave without lifting a finger? DropMate is your co-pilot. Join the waitlist and let's unlock those free tokens together!