Participate in the MODE airdrop through Supswap


April 15, 2024

Mode Network is launching its Sunrise Mainnet alongside Airdrop 1, offering a massive 550 million $MODE token pool (5.5% of total supply) claimable by April 2024.

Here's what makes Mode Network stand out:

  • Modular DeFi L2: Experience the agility and scalability of a Layer-2 solution designed specifically for DeFi applications.

  • Rewarding Ecosystem: Forget generic airdrops! Mode's points system, designed by economic experts and PhDs, ensures optimal rewards for participants.

  • Cost-Effective Trading: Mode leverages Optimism's Bedrock upgrade and Sequencer Fee Sharing for a significantly reduced fee structure (95% cheaper compared to traditional methods).

About Mode Network

Mode Network is a next-generation Ethereum Layer-2 solution built for collaboration, user empowerment, and fostering groundbreaking DeFi applications.

This innovative network strikes a perfect balance between shared growth and reduced fees, paving the way for a more accessible and cost-effective DeFi experience for everyone.

Participate in the MODE airdrop the easy way with Supswap x Dropmate partnership

Supswap, the leading swap on MODE network, has teamed up with us to allow users to farm on MODE network. Supswap DEX has announced to drop 100% of their dev-drop $MODE token allocation to their community. Moreover they also plan to launch their own token this year.

To make this airdrop farming experience a lot easier for you, we have partnered up with Supswap.

Here’s a detailed run down of how to auto-farm the Supswap drop :

1. Visit to find your eligibility:

2. You’d be directed towards downloading the app towards the end , otherwise you can download the DropMate app from

3. Sign in and create a wallet on DropMate which will take a few seconds.

  1. Bridge your funds to the Mode network using

  2. Deposit USDC and ETH on Mode in your DropMate wallet.

  3. If you want to auto-farm more every day, choose Supswap Pro under the Drops tab.

  4. Press the "Subscribe" button to start auto-farming the Supswap drop.

  5. Allocate an amount from your wallet to the Supswap drop here.

And you're now farming the MODE network through Supswap on autopilot now! Wohoo!

PS : You will also receive Drop Points for every airdrop you subscribe to on DropMate. So exciting!

Stay Updated with DropMate

For the latest information on the MODE airdrop and how DropMate can help you farm it, follow DropMate's social media channels and keep an eye on their official announcements. By using DropMate, you can streamline the airdrop farming process and potentially benefit from exciting projects like Supswap and MODE.